Riverfront Committee

The Capreol Riverfront Committee is a sub section of the Capreol CAN. We are a group of dedicated volunteers that have a vision of improving our beloved Capreol beach, located in the heart of downtown Capreol.

With the help of our volunteers and yourself we can bring our vision of a beautiful and family oriented beach front to life.

Our vision includes a five phase project and with the help of you, the community, Capreol CAN!

Phase 1:

- Install a playground and picnic area that is wheel chair accessible
- Install a ramp for wheel chairs
- Install rubber mats around the play structure making it easier for children and adults in wheel chairs
- Install fencing on the lake side of the play structure as required for safety
- Plant trees in the area which match proper soil conditions
- Install garbage cans and lighting as needed

Phase 2:

- Extend the beach with the use of pea stone
- Install a permanent life guard building
- Section off an area on the beach front for small children
- Create an ease of access to the beach front for those with wheel chairs and strollers
- Install benches along walkway

Phase 3:

- Remove graffiti from rocks at the beach front
- Install benches in grassy area
- Plant flowers in these areas

Phase 4:

- Install a non motorized boat launch for canoes and kayaks on the far side of the river

Phase 5:

- Final completion of all projects

Future Visions:

- Install swings, slides and a merry-go-round to the playground
- Install the diving board back to the beach

If you have any questions or comments, or are interesting in joining the Capreol Riverfront Committee or would like to help out please contact Bonnie at 705-858-3159.