March 2013 Chair Notes

On March 13, we were back at the Lion’s Den for our monthly meeting at 7:00 pm. There was good attendance and lively discussion on many topics.

Our police representative, Cst. Chris Moggy stated that it was quiet in Capreol over the last month but reminded us that the most reported crimes in town were thefts from sheds and vehicles. Please remember to lock sheds and vehicles and report suspicious activity.

Cst. Moggy also gave a presentation on the new Greater Sudbury Police Service reporting system called “COP Logic”. It is an on-line reporting system for certain crimes/incidents and reports are submitted through the GSPS web-site. An e mail address is required by the sender of the report but this saves time and travel and the report is read within 24 hrs. by GSPS staff. This reporting system has been in affect for approximately one year and is in the process of being expanded . Please note that the CCAN web-site will contain a link to the GSPS site.

Mr. James Keenan of KGHM was present at the meeting and extended an invitation to the CCAN membership and the community to attend their Farewell Open House at Podolsky Mine on March 27th between the hours of 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. Again, Mr. Keenan and KGHM were thanked for their personal interest and financial contribution to the CCAN and by extension, to the Community.

Bonnie Kreiger provided an update on the CCAN Waterfront Project and possible fundraising events in the coming months. They are working on an event for June so please stay tuned for more details.

A local business owner, Randy from R & R taxi gave a presentation on a major concern of many taxi owners and operators in Greater Sudbury. I would be remiss in trying to explain all of the concerns suffice to say that it is obvious that there may be some inequalities in policy and licencing issues with respect to zoning regulations. We were told that R & R taxi could pick up a customer in Capreol and take them to Sudbury but could not drop them off in Hanmer or the Valley. If that is true, it certainly does not support residents of Capreol and their travel issues. I am sure that the issues are more involved and I assured Randy that the CCAN would at least bring the issue to the attention of our community. Apparently the city is reviewing the whole issue and the Capreol Community Action Network will be following action taken by the city. Our concern is a community concern.

Please support your local Service Clubs and Organizations. As the warmer weather arrives, and longer daylight hours, we hope you enjoy the coming spring and summer community events. Be safe.

Next CCAN meeting – April 9, 2013 at the Lion’s Den – 7:00 pm

Randy Crisp – Chair of the Capreol Community Action Network