New TV series to film in your community!

November 26, 2012

New TV series to film in your community! Mountain Road Productions is looking for homeowners with an eccentric, unconventional approach to home repairs

Do you know someone who is more MacGyver than Mike Holmes? Do these ingenious home improvements include such feats as rigging crutches to hold up basement stairs, installing linoleum as a backslash in the kitchen, and using duct tape in place of caulking around the bathtub? Mountain Road Productions is undertaking an Ontario-wide search for homeowners with unique approaches to home repair to feature in a new TV series in development with HGTV. This series will be a celebration of the completely unique and utterly outside the box approach to home maintenance.

“Our goal is to uncover great characters with a bizarre sense of home ‘improvement’,” says Executive Producer, Tim Alp. “We are looking for jerry-rigged solutions that are at complete odds with main stream expectations.”

By participating in the TV series, our expert host will fix you or your loved ones house for FREE.

This homeowner hunt will focus on small towns and rural communities to uncover creative ingenuity. These home solutions will lie between whacky and even possibly dangerous. Ideal candidates for this TV show would never consider paying someone else to solve a problem they’d troubleshoot it themselves.

Sound like you or someone you know? Click on for application details.

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For more information, please contact:

Margaret Robitaille
Communications Manager
Mountain Road Productions

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