September 2013 Chair Notes

Eighteen attended the CCAN meeting which was Chaired By John Colasimone.
The Agenda and previous Minutes were “moved” and adopted and the treasurer gave her Report.
Cst Moggy gave an update on the state of crime in Capreol. Thefts from vehicles was again the major concern. A reminder to lock your vehicles as no damage was done entering the vehicles.
Gail Crawford reported that the Gavin Rousseau event made $2040.25 for CCAN coffers. She thanked those involved as volunteers.
It was noted that the CCAN had donated $2000.00 to the Re-Greening Grant submitted by the Museum on behalf of the Museum, the CCAN, the CBA and the Lion’s Club.
Tina Junkala from Junkala Wealth Building Inc. gave a presentation.
The meeting was advised that Karen Crisp and Carole Mayhew, with the support of Shannon Colasimone will direct the Tree Lighting/Festival of Lights on November 23rd at 6 pm.
Lori Tagliabracci suggested a bar-b-que to welcome newcomers.
Thank you to all who attended.